ational Relations Depart

ortun▓ities for space cooperation with the EU and beyond recently.At the International Astronautical Congress held this October in the German city of Bremen, Zhang Kejian, deputy minister of th▓e Ministry of Indu

ment, cal▓led the C

stry and Information Tech▓nology of China, stressed China's willingness to cooperate with other countries within the space program.Zhang, w

hang'e-4 mission sci

h▓o is also the head of the CNSA, noted that Chang'▓e-6, China's second sample return lunar mis▓sion, will provide 10 kg of payloads on the

entifically an

o▓rbiter and lander for international partners.China als▓o announced in Vienna this May that all member states of the United Nations (UN)

d technologically "v

are welcome to cooperate with China to jointly utilize its futu▓re China Spa

  • ce Station (CS

  • S)."The CSS be

  • l▓ongs not

  • only to Chin

  • a, but als

ery impressive," becau

" task▓ed with transmitti

nternational organizations in Vienna.The CSS, expected to be launched by 2


l be the world's first space station that is developed by▓ a developing cou

ic tasks for Chang'e

  • ntry and open

  • for cooperatio

  • n with all UN ▓member states.Jan Woerner, directo

  • r general of the ESA, told Xinhua that the ESA

-4 also include

ccording to the ▓China National Space Administration (CNSA).COOPERATION OPPORTUNITIESWimmer-Schweingruber said he
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